SilverTone Records

A Christian owned and operated non-profit organization, founded by Justin Church in February of 2005 as a graphic design company, JC Grafx, SilverTone Records has seen many obstacles and seen many changes to it's culture. In the summer of 2007, Justin had already been helping bands book venues across the midwest successfully for nearly 3 years. He adapted what he learned along the way and put it to good use. JC Grafx had become Justin Church Productions [JCP], with it's addition to booking bands, photography and teaching other musicians how to self-maintain every aspect of a musical career.

As Justin did not want his name directly attached to the name of his business, by January 2008 he changed the name name of the organization to Third Rock Entertainment. He effectively continued helping bands, comedians, poets, authors and speakers, both local and national. By September of 2010, the demand for professional DJ services was overwhelming. Justin was well capable of adding this element to his organization; however, wanted a name more elegant that could reflect a business that involved wedding services, yet still hold it's on with an edgy name, worthy of the music business. Thus SilverTone Entertainment was born.

Eight and a half years running strong and Justin faced a dilemma. He no longer had funds to keep SilverTone alive. That was a pitfall of running an organization entirely on donations. So Justin had to shut the doors in August of 2012. However, he was not content with the decision, so he re-evaluated his business plan and came up with a new strategy and a new look. This is how SilverTone Records came to fruition. 

To date, SilverTone Records has many different elements to the organization:

Integrity. Excellence. Service.

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